If you’re a Sainsbury’s employee who’s been automatically enrolled into our pension, this part of the website tells you a bit more about what happens next.

If you work for Argos, please go to this website: https://www.legalandgeneral.com/argos

Automatic Re-enrolment 2021

Automatic Re-enrolment is taking place at Sainsbury’s in November 2021. Any colleague who meets the enrolment criteria based on the assessment of their November 2021 pay will be receiving a letter or email and associated FAQs from the Pensions Department from 19th November 2021 to let them know they may be re-enrolled. These colleagues will still be able to ‘opt-out’ by following the instructions on their enrolment notice from Legal & General. If you have received this letter and would like to discuss any changes to your contributions, please contact ask.HR@sainsburys.co.uk