Sainsbury's Retirement Savings Plan

for Colleagues up to C5/5S grade plan

How to join and change your contributions

When you start working for Sainsbury’s, you should receive a Sainsbury’s Retirement Savings Plan leaflet.

You can go to MyHR to join today or change your contributions! Or, if you haven’t got your own access, please check with the AskHR team. If you don’t know how much you want to contribute when you join, you can use the cost calculator

Your investment options are changing

We have recently changed the investment options for the Sainsbury’s Retirement Savings Plan for new joiners from 1st March 2021 and for existing members from July and August 2021.

During July and August 2021, depending on where your retirement savings are currently invested and how far you are from your Target Retirement Age, your retirement savings (and any future contributions) will be automatically moved to a new fund. The new fund has been chosen as the closest match to what you’re currently invested in.

If you’re comfortable with this, you don’t need to do anything.

For further information, including how to make a different investment choice, please visit our dedicated website, It explains the changes in more detail, why they have been made, what they mean for you, and any actions you might want to consider.

If you don’t want your retirement savings to be moved into a new fund, you need to make a different selection by 16th July 2021. The website explains how to do this.