This area of the website is for members of the Argos Section of the Sainsbury’s Pension Scheme.

Argos Benpal

Argos Benpal is a secure online portal for Argos Section members, where you can see your own pension information, run illustrations (if you haven’t retired yet) and update your personal details. To log in to Argos Benpal for the first time, you had to use the activation codes that were posted to you when you were first told that you could use the system. If your codes have expired, please get in touch with the Argos Pensions Team at Mercer. If you have already activated your Argos Benpal account, you can log in here.

Latest news

Retirement options infomercial (Argos Section)

More options for members: introducing PIE

Pension Increase Exchange (PIE) is a new option that has been introduced for some members of the Argos Section at retirement.

If you select the PIE option, you agree to give up some future pension increases in return for getting a higher but non-increasing pension now, at retirement. Not everyone is eligible to take the PIE option, so check your retirement pack to see if it’s listed as an option for you.

We’ve updated the retirement options guide to include an explanation of how PIE works, or why not watch our PIE video, which is available in the new video suite.